Discover STEVTENSIONER®: reducing required installation loads up to 60%

Enabling anchor installations with smaller anchor handling vessels. Cost- and time-saving.


The proof loads of a permanent mooring system for CALM buoys and FPSOs are typically 80-100% of the design load so that substantial crane/winch capacity or bollard pull is required. The use of the STEVTENSIONER® for subsea tensioning offers significant cost benefits as it reduces the required load by typically 60%. As a result mooring installations can be performed from anchor handlers or modest crane barges.

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Inside you'll find:

  • Cost- and time-saving characteristics;
  • The benefits of the STEVTENSIONER®
    for subsea tensioning;
  • How it works;
  • Technical features (e.g.: available for loads of up to 1,250 tons);
  • Three different stevtensioning modes.

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