Discover RAR Plus: next generation mooring release technology

The RAR Plus builds on 40 years of proven acoustic release technology with some key new features and represents the industry’s preferred mooring release. A releasable mooring system utilizing the RAR Plus is the most efficient mooring solution available for MODUs today.


The new mechanical backup release method ensures the ability to release the moorings in the unlikely event that the remote acoustic transmission fails to actuate the RAR. The mechanical backup release bypasses the acoustic, electronic, and hydraulic systems in the RAR Plus, and it can be actuated by either the rig itself or with a nearby support vessel providing 100% redundancy in the system.

Inside you'll find:

  • Cost- and time-saving characteristics;
  • The benefits of the RAR Plus as a secure and robust connection and disconnection method for mooring systems;
  • Technical features;

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